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I was struck by how confidently the guest spoke about European and especially French nuclear energy policy like he was an expert but without even mentioning in passing that literally half of all french nuclear power plants have been out of order for a long time for various reasons and France has been in a massive electricity crisis with subsidized electricity prices for consumers costing the french state massive amounts while buying electricity from Germany of all places! Ignorance or spin? Makes me question all the other so confidently made points as if they were non-controversial consensus of which I do not happen to have specific depth of knowledge of.

Of course it is way more attractive to believe that there is a tech-solution for every problem in the world, especially if you are used to living a life based on north-american consumption patterns rather than thinking about whether your lifestyle is actually sustainable, especially if every person on earth aspires to the same,. It just seems a bit self+serving to buy into this narrative of not having to change anything about the infinite growth model which has been so convenient for consumers in the west. I would appreciate a bit more pushback or at least a critical distance rather than a lovefest of sorts, especially if the guest happens to share the same politics with you more or less, even though I know you probably don't aspire to be a journalist.

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